2021 Workshops and Painting Tours with Linda MacAulay


Learn to paint with Australian Artist Linda MacAulay.  Scroll down to find a summary of 2021 painting workshops, classes and painting tours.  Keep scrolling down to find more detailed information on each course including dates, locations, costs, times and contact details.  Secure online bookings can be made through Classbento.

Colour Mixing and Colour Theory Studio Workshop

Ever wanted to learn how to mix that perfect green or how to create a light pale red instead of pink…then this is the course for you. Designed for teachers and artists across all mediums this course explains why simply mixing blue and red does not always make purple. Participants will learn how to mix any colour, match colours, choose colour schemes that work together, create colours that glow and be able to mute colours using a range of techniques.

During this intensive 2 Day weekend workshop you will complete a colour mixing and colour theory workbook that will take you through the fundamentals necessary to master colour. We will also create a resource folder of paint mixing recipes that you can use again and again. Once you have this system in place you will be able to add to it constantly expanding and improving your colour mixing knowledge.

All materials, workbooks and workshop notes are provided.

This workshop will be run using the Matisse Derivan acrylic paints but is suitable for painters working in all mediums including acrylics, watercolour, oils, inks or Gouche. Those interested in doing this course in a different medium will need to bring their own paints, brushes and mediums.  Please let Linda know on enrolement which medium you will be working in so she can print the appropriate workbook for you.

Cost: $300
When: Sat 20th August and Sunday 21st August 2022 10 am till 4 pm daily
Where: 11 Wattle Grove, Eltham
Enrolment: Email Linda at lmacaulay64@gmail.com and request an enrolment form or ring 0407 539 800.

Studio workshops are strictly limited to 4 people   

Please join Lindas Mailing list and be notified when new dates are announced.  First preference for enrolment given to mailing list subscribers.

Book Now Via Classbento 

Small Groups or Individual Learning in the Studio


Over the past few months I have had numerous individuals or small groups visit my Eltham Studio in Melbourne to learn specific painting skills. Not only do they get one on one tuition but they also get the use of a fully equipped creative space. It’s an opportunity to try out a whole range of art materials you may not own.

It’s been great to see people rapidly progress. The smaller group size allows me to determine exactly what each individual needs and be flexible enough to address them with additional resources or exercises. I have found it rewarding to see things really click for people.

If you’re interested in trying a day in the studio with me or a small group get in contact.  It’s been a whole heap of fun.

Prices start from $75 per hour.

Phone Linda on 0407 539 800 or email lmacaulay64@gmail.com to discuss you or your groups needs.

gum leaves painted in acrylics using different painting mediums
The Magic of Acrylics

Sherbrooke Arts Society

62 Monbulk Rd, Belgrave VIC

10 am till 12.30 pm every Tuesday of School term (No new bookings avaliable)


Each week we will explore a different technique following Linda’s step by step guidance with notes provided.
Some of the techniques covered will be creating a non-drying palette, surface preparations and substrates, controlling drying speed, smooth blending, dry brush painting, creating textural effects, creating watercolour effects and glazing with acrylics, tonal layering and the illusion of detail, understanding acrylic painting mediums and brand compatibility.
As we will experiment with a large range of materials, mediums will be supplied for a one off, $10 per term fee on top of the tuition fee. This allows you to try many different mediums and brands without a large upfront cost. This is an extremely cost effective way to try many different products before deciding which ones you may use in the future. If you have a large range of mediums and choose to use your own your welcome to contact Linda for an extended materials list.


Phone Linda on 0407 539 800 or email lmacaulay64@gmail.com to discuss you or your groups needs.

Paint a Galaxy in Watercolour


Learn to paint a galaxy of stars in watercolour using the unique Daniel Smith Iridescent Watercolours. Explore the joys of painting wet on wet and allowing the medium itself to create fabulous effects.

With all materials supplied this afternoon workshop is suitable for the complete novice painter or even those more experienced painters who would love to give this a go and try these pigments for yourself in like-minded company. With step by step guidance provided you will produce your two of your own night sky watercolours to take home.

Reference notes and materials are supplied but those with more experience may prefer to bring their own brushes and a palette.

Cost: $120
When: Sat 28 March 2020 1 pm till 4 pm
Where: 11 Wattle Grove, Eltham
Enrolment: Email Linda at lmacaulay64@gmail.com and request an enrolment form or ring 0407 539 800.

Studio workshops are strictly limited to 4 people.

 Paint a Pear 4 Ways

This fun and easy to follow step by step workshop is designed to allow you to understand how different acrylic painting techniques and mediums can totally change the appearance of your finished artwork.

Along way we will learn a little about brushwork, colour mixing, acrylic painting mediums, mixed media and tonal values. If you have never painted before this workshop is for you. If you have painted before you still will find this a helpful course on technique and alternate ways with which to ways to express yourself in paint.

With all materials supplied this promises to be a fun day out.

Cost: $150 includes materials and written notes
When: Sat 16 th May 10 am till 4 pm
Where: 11 Wattle Grove, Eltham
Enrolment: Email Linda at lmacaulay64@gmail.com and request an enrolment form or ring 0407 539 800.

Studio workshops are strictly limited to 4 people.

Brushwork and Tonal Painting

2 Day Workshop

Two elements that are essential to realism are brushwork and tonal painting.
Expressive brushstrokes tell a story and define your style. Economical and decisive brushwork is the key to improving your painting speed yet it is something most artists don’t take the time to learn.

Learn about different types of brushes, how they are used and explore the huge variety of marks each different brush can make. Explore how loading your brush, the viscosity of the paint, angle of contact and pressure of contact all can make a huge difference to the marks you make.

One of the most important skills in realism is getting the values correct. Learn simple tips for identifying brush work and tone whilst using them to create a realistic artwork in under 10 minutes. Create your own tonal scale that you can use to improve your painting skills.

It is suitable for painting in all mediums.

Cost: $300
When: 13/14 June 2020 10 am till 4 pm daily
Where: 11 Wattle Grove, Eltham
Enrolment: Email Linda at lmacaulay64@gmail.com and request an enrolment form or ring 0407 539 800.

Studio workshops are strictly limited to 4 people.


 Gelli Printing Workshop 


Gelli printing is so much fun and highly addictive. It’s a simple printing process you can do at home without a press and lots of expensive equipment.

During this workshop you will make your own Gelatine plate to take home.

  1. Learn different printing techniques that will enable you to build up and layer patterns and designs.
    2. Print oodles of prints.
    3. Learn how to create a stencil from a photograph and print the image.
    4. Look at some of the ways you can use these prints in mixed media, card making etc.

We will upcycle old books, junk mail, old envelopes and almost any other scrap of paper you can get your hands on.

When: 2020 dates yet to be announced.  Please email Linda if your interested in this workshop.
Where: 11 Wattle Grove, Eltham VIC 3095
Cost: $150 per person. Includes lunch, written notes, use of paint, rollers and associated tools. Participants to bring paper to print on.
Bookings: Phone Linda on 0407 539 800 or email lmacaulay64@gmail.com for an enrolment form.


Introduction to Acrylic Painting Techniques and Mediums

1 Day Workshop with Linda MacAulay

Take a one day express painting journey with Linda and explore techniques and mediums specific to acrylic paints. Learn how to blend, control drying speed, create a non-drying palette, create textures and wet on wet effects.

Play with a large range of mediums and explore the creative ways in which they can be used. All the mediums are supplied so it’s a great opportunity to try out a range of products without having the upfront expense of purchasing.

Learn how each medium works and which mediums can be intermixed and which ones can’t. Learn about different brands and how products can vary greatly in function despite having the same name. Learn various methods for creating textures. Learn how to combine and layer the techniques to produce and endless variety of effects.

Participants will complete a number of small step by step projects and create a mediums chart to take home. Workshop notes are provided as this course is a whirlwind tour through the world of acrylic painting mediums.

Cost: $150 Includes all mediums and written notes
When: New class dates to be announced soon for 2020…join my mailing list to have first preference for enrollments
Where: 11 Wattle Grove, Eltham
Enrolment: Email Linda at lmacaulay64@gmail.com and request an enrolment form or ring 0407 539 800.

Studio workshops are strictly limited to 4 people.

Watercolour Card Making

1 Day Watercolour Workshop in Melbourne

Want to try watercolour and are not sure where to start? This one day workshop is a great introduction to making your own fabulous watercolour cards. Along the way we will be focusing on using different watercolour techniques such as wet on wet, brushwork, masking, dry brushing and tonal layering.

If you have never painted in watercolour before, this course is a great introduction. If you’re a more experienced painter, this course can inspire you to create while helping polish your techniques.

Information will be given on the techniques used. Materials are included in the cost although experienced artists may wish to bring their own brushes and palette.

Studio workshops are strictly limited to 4 people.

Cost: $150
When: New workshops to be announced in 2020
Where: 11 Wattle Grove, Eltham
Further info:  Email lmacaulay64@gmail.com or call Linda on 0407 539 800.

Enrollments: Secure payments and online bookings made via Classbento booking service

Testimonials from Students
Having watched Linda on Colour in Your Life, I was captivated by her techniques and use of colour and approached her for one-on-one training.

Over 3 days Linda’s wealth of knowledge and teaching skills has transformed my understanding of painting 100%. Her knowledge and practical skills are delivered in a generous warm manner accompanied with a great sense of humour.

Thanks to Linda, I am now looking forward to practicing the skills I’ve learnt and improving my painting far beyond my previous expectations.

Diana Taylor

Members of The Heathcote Artists have just attended a fabulous two day workshop in Heathcote with artist Linda MacAulay. The workshop was inspiring, fun and exhausting. Thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Over the weekend we learned texturising, glazing and other paint techniques to all produce a set picture. Linda’s easy going, fun style of teaching was infectious. The time flew by and by the end everyone was wishing there were more hours in the weekend! We will definitely be getting Linda back again.
Judy Hutchins

President, Heathcote Artists Inc

I can highly recommend Linda MacAulay as a wonderful acrylic tutor.

Linda has held several weekend workshops for the Anglesea Art House to show us her expertise in how to paint in acrylics. We all learnt much regarding acrylic painting mediums and where and how to use the varied products that art shops try to sell us.  How to create textures in our paintings, how to use the “crackle” medium, the use of gold under painting, how to paint beautiful blended skies, and much more.

She is a most competent instructor, very patient, very enthusiastic and works very hard to make sure all in the class get the most from the weekend.

Pat McKenzie

President, Anglesea Art House

Thank you so much for an inspiring weekend of learning.
I am very glad I attended, I had fun and learned much. I’ll put it into practice and my creations should benefit.
It was particularly nice to meet you, as I admired your work in the TV show ‘Colour in your life’ .
I hope to be able to attend another of your workshops in the future.
Elizabeth Goldberg

During 2016, I have attended a series of workshops offered by Linda Macaulay.

Linda would have to be one of the most generous and patient art teachers I have met.  She is only too willing to share her knowledge and takes great delight in her role as a teacher.  She leads her students to develop their knowledge of art with a particular focus on understanding the techniques of working with Acrylic paint.

Whilst the classes were often filled with mixed ability students and with varying degrees of art experience, she was always able to offer individual attention so each student progressed.

Her workshop preparation is outstanding and thorough. At the beginning of each workshop she outlines what she intends to cover. When the workshop is concluded, she spends time reviewing what was covered so consolidation may happen.  Course notes are presented and provided further reference outside of the workshop environment.

If you want to learn more about ‘Acrylic Painting Techniques’ and wish to do so in an informative, relaxed environment with one of the most knowledgeable and talented artists I have met, then these workshops are for you!

Linda has taken me beyond my experience as a watercolour and mixed media artist to a place where I am LOVING exploring and creating artworks with Acrylic paints.

Mary Anderson


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