These hand painted saw blades are unique and one of a kind. Made in collaboration with Tim Read from Tread Sculptures and Jacquie Campbell Glass, they combine, steel, paint and hand made glass. Suitable for outdoor display they will add quirky character to your garden our outdoor living space. Price varies from $350 for a large saw blade with glass eyes to $150 for a smaller saw blade without glass eyes.
Want to have your own pet turned into a unique saw blade creation? Phone Linda Macaulay now on 0407 539 800 or email her a photograph. Prices start from $300

Commissioned rural scene painted on clients own sawblade

This is a commissioned piece on the clients own sawblade and features black and white dairy cows against a rural Gippsland setting.  If your interested in commissioning your own piece please feel free to get into contact.  Prices start at $300.


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