There is a special magic that happens when 2 or more artists combine to produce and artwork.  Linda MacAulay has been working with Tim Read from Tread Sculptures to produce a range of outdoor garden artworks using recycled metal.  These artworks are quirky and whimsical and some also feature handmade glass eyes by Jacquie Campbell Glass.  You can view these artworks at Tread Sculptures Gallery along with some of Linda’s larger acrylic paintings.  While your there take a walk along the sculpture trail set among bush land on banks of the tranquil Yarra River in the Bend of Islands.  It’s a great day out with the family and while your in the area take the time to visit some of Nillumbik’s wineries or cafes.

Linda and Tim have also collaborated on decorative screens, fire pits, sculptures, gates, bird feeders, bird baths, mail boxes, bollards and decorative wall panels.  If you can’t find what your interested in you can commission Tread Sculptures to create a unique or functional artwork for you.

To see some more examples of the collaborative artwork created by Linda MacAulay, Tim Read and Jacquie Campbell click here

Opening Hours

Tread Sculpture Gallery is open by appointment.

Contact Details for Tread Sculptures

0405 101 001


225 Catani Boulevard
Kangaroo Ground VIC 3097


‘Mingalaba’ (Burmese for Hello, Welcome) is Tim’s family property, 5 acres of native bush on the banks of the Yarra River.

Firepits by Linda MacAulay and Tread sculptures
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Firepits made out of reclaimed steel by Linda MacAulay and Tread sculptures

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