2018 Workshops and Painting Tours with Linda MacAulay


Learn to paint with Australian Artist Linda MacAulay.  Scroll down to find a summary of 2018/2019 painting workshops, classes and painting tours.  Keep scrolling to find more detailed information on each course including dates, locations, costs, times and contact details.


Location Month Workshop/Event
Bend of Islands, Vic Oct Tread Sculptures Open Day Exhibit
Heathcote, Vic Oct Acrylic Mediums Workshop
Eltham, Vic Oct Nillumbik Artists Open Studios Group Exhibition at Library
Kinglake, Vic Oct Textures, Mixed Media and Acrylic Painting Mediums
Bend Of Islands, Vic Oct Tread Sculptures Open Day Exhibit
Kinglake, Vic Nov Rust and Patina Effects
Eltham, Vic Nov Studio open as part of Nillumbik Artists Open Studios
Bend of Islands, Vic Dec Tread Sculptures Open Day Exhibit
Eltham, Vic Feb Backgrounds – Smooth blending, wet on wet and soft focus.
Eltham, Vic Feb Colour Mixing and Colour Theory
Eltham, Vic March Brushwork and Tonal Painting
Grafton, NSW April 2019 Landscapes, Seascapes and Cityscapes – Acrylic
Eltham, Vic May 2019 Studio open as part of Nillumbik Artists Open Studios
Central Australia, NT June 2019 Painting Tour
France Sept 2020 Painting Tour


Foundation Techniques Program

4 Sessions all held at Kinglake Ranges Makers House

Sessions 1 & 2 –  Colour Mixing and Glazing

Session 3   –  Brushwork and Tonal Paiinting

Session 4 – Backgrounds

$200  for all 4 sessions….detailed info on each session is listed separately on the website.

21/22 July and 4th and 18th of August 6 McMahons Road, Kinglake, 3763

Contact: Julie – 0408 552 432 or Denise on 5786 1072 to enrol  or download an enrolment form here

The aim of these workshops is to explore the foundation skills that are necessary to enable artists to take their work to the next level and are suitable for beginners or artists who wish to consolidate their core painting skills.
Workshop notes are provided.  More Information is listed below for each session.

Colour Mixing and Glazing 

Weekend Workshop

Sessions 1 & 2 of Foundation Skills Program

21/22 July 2018
10 am till 4 pm
Kinglake Ranges Arts

6 McMahons Road, Kinglake, 3763
Contact: Julie – 0408 552 432 or Denise on 5786 1072 to enrol download and enrolment form here

Using a systematic, recipe based approach we will learn the secrets to mixing the right colour quickly and accurately each time using a very limited palette. During the day we will begin to create a colour mixing resource folder of recipes that you will be able to use again and again. Once you have this system in place you will be able to add to it constantly expanding and improving your colour mixing knowledge.

It is essential to have a good understanding of colour mixing to be able to able to glaze successfully.
Glazing can be used to add a whole new dimension and depth to your work…in fact some colours can only be created by this technique for example a pale red that is not pink.

The use of transparent glazes create a depth and glow to artwork. It is perfect for rendering translucent skin, semi- transparent surfaces like water, flower petals, glass or fabric and recreating the glow of the final light on rocks.
In this workshop we will create a comprehensive glazing reference chart and learn about using transparent vs opaque paints while learning different methods for applying a glaze.

This workshop will be run using acrylic paint but is also suitable for watercolour and oil painters.

Brushwork and Tonal Painting

Session 3  of Foundation Skills Workshops

4th August, 2018
10 am till 4 pm
6 McMahons Road, Kinglake, 3763
Contact: Julie – 0408 552 432 or Denise on 5786 1072 to enrol download and enrolment form here

Two elements that are essential to realism are brushwork and tonal painting. Expressive brushstrokes tell a story and define your style. Economical and decisive brushwork is the key to improving your painting speed yet it is something most artists don’t take the time to learn.

Learn about different types of brushes, how they are used and explore the huge variety of marks each different brush can make. Explore how loading your brush, the viscosity of the paint, angle of contact and pressure of contact all can make a huge difference to the marks you make.

One of the most important skills in realism is getting the values correct. Learn simple tips for identifying brush work and tone whilst using them to create a realistic artwork in under 10 minutes. Create your own tonal scale that you can use to improve your painting skills.
It is suitable for painting in all mediums.

Backgrounds using Acrylic 

Blending, Wet on Wet and Dry Brush Work

Session 4 of Foundation Skills Workshop

18th August, 2018
10 am till 4 pm
6 McMahons Road, Kinglake, 3763

Contact: Julie – 0408 552 432 or Denise on 5786 1072 to enrol download and enrolment form here

Creating the perfect out of focus background adds depth to your painting. Use 3 different working methods for creating backgrounds in acrylics.

Learn Linda’s smooth blending techniques that allow colours to seamlessly transition almost looking like they have been airbrushed.

Use dry brushing to create depth or a bokeh effect.

Use acrylic paint to create a wet on wet background that looks like watercolour.

Landscape Painting Course


6 Sessions 19th July to the 23rd of August

Times :  12.30 to 4.30     $240

Kinglake Ranges Arts

6 McMahons Road, Kinglake, 3763


This 6 week program is all about landscape painting both in the studio and on location.


Explore different elements of the landscape in either watercolour, acrylic or oil. Learn how to capture water, foliage, rocks, buildings, skies, and clouds etc. quickly and effectively.   We will also look at creating atmospheric perspective, depth, tone and strong compositions.


The program will be a mix of structured studio tuition and working on location. Step by step demonstrations and tuition throughout.

Suitable for beginners to more advanced students. Written notes provided.


Contact: Julie – 0408 552 432 or Denise on 5786 1072 to enrol download and enrolment form here

Artist in Residence at Ooraminna Station


Linda will be artist in Residence at Ooraminna Station from the 1st of September until the 16th of September 2018. During this time she will be painting on location on or around the station and running a number of workshops. More detail on the workshops offered are listed below.  With lots of different accommodation options available its a great opportunity to watch Linda in action, take a course or simply explore this inspiring location.

Ooraminna Station is located at Maryvale Road, Hale which is 30 km from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Linda will be taking a painting tour to Central Australia which will be based at Ooraminna Station in 2019 so scroll down to the end of this webpage for more information.

Quirky Creatures

1 – 2 September 2018
10 – 4 pm at Ooraminna Station 2 Day Workshop in Acrylics

$320 inclusions : workshop / coach transfers / lunches / dinner / breakfast / camp fees / tea/coffee
Contact the station Tel: +61 8 8953 0477 or email info@ooraminna.com.au for enrolment.

Working in acrylics and using tonal layering, participants will learn how to create their own unique animal or bird character portrait. Learn what enables an artist to add a human element and expression to an animal. Follow Linda’s step by step tuition to paint an “emu with attitude” or create an animal caricature using your own reference material.

Participants need to bring their own materials and reference notes will be provided.

Paint a Galaxy at Ooraminna Station

Thursday 6th, September 2018
$185 inclusions : workshop plus all materials/ Sparkling on arrival / Dinner
– substantial canapes / coach transfers / coffee / tea
Contact the station Tel: +61 8 8953 0477 or email info@ooraminna.com.au for enrolment.

There is nothing like the night sky in outback Australia.
Come and join us at Ooraminna Station for a night of contemplating the universe…in paint.

Learn to paint a galaxy of stars in watercolour with Australian Artist Linda MacAulay using the unique Daniel Smith Iridescent Watercolours. Explore the joys of painting wet on wet and allowing the medium itself to create fabulous effects.

With all materials supplied this evening workshop is suitable for the complete novice painter or even those more experienced painters who would love to give this a go and try these pigments for yourself in like-minded company. With step by step guidance provided you will produce your two of your own night sky watercolours to take home.

Reference notes, materials, dinner and transport to and from Alice Springs in included.

Painting Ooraminna

 En Plein Air

Sunday 9th Sep
10 am till 4 pm at Ooramina Station
$150 inclusions : workshop / coach transfers / Lunch / Morning & afternoon tea
/ tea & coffee
Contact the station Tel: +61 8 8953 0477 or email info@ooraminna.com.au for enrolment.

En Plein Air is really just a fancy way of staying painting on location. Nothing connects you to the landscape more than painting from life although it can be daunting to know where and how to start.
Spend the day capturing the stunning scenery at Ooraminna Station with Linda’s guidance.
Learn how to:

Find the edges of the scene Mix the right colours Determine the focal point Discover depth and tone Create the illusion of distance

Bring along any medium be it watercolour, oils, acrylics, pencils or just a pencil and paper.
There will be demonstrations by Linda and written notes provided. Participants to bring their own materials.

Textures, Mixed Media and Painting Mediums

3 sessions 11, 18, and 25th October, 2018
Times – 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm


Kinglake Ranges Arts

6 McMahons Road, Kinglake, 3763

The layering of different textures, media and mediums can add a whole new dimension to your artwork. Working mainly in acrylics, this 3 week course will allow participants to experiment with a large range of mediums whilst exploring a range of working methods.

Learn how to create large range of textual effects. Combine these textures with multiple transparent glazes.
Learn about different painting mediums and the effects they can create. Learn how to create photo transfers and incorporate these into your artwork.
Learn how to incorporate gold, copper or silver leaf into your projects.

Then use these skills to interpret a picture or landscape of your own choosing under the Linda’s expert guidance.

Part of this workshop is about discovering when to “let the medium do the work” and when some gentle persuasion is required. Most importantly it is just about having fun and seeing where the journey takes you. It may be abstraction or realism…it is up to you.

With all mediums supplied this is a great chance to come and experiment. Step by step demonstrations and tuition throughout.
Suitable for beginners to more advanced students. Written notes provided.

Contact: Julie – 0408 552 432 or Denise on 5786 1072 to enrol download and enrolment form here

Rust and Patina Effects

3 sessions 1, 8, 15th November, 2018
Times – 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm


Kinglake Ranges Arts

6 McMahons Road, Kinglake, 3763

Learn how to create authentic rust and patina effects using a large range of products and working methods.

Learn how to create genuine rust and Verdigris effects that vary in both colour and texture.
Learn how to create the same effects using just paint. Learn how to distressing or aging techniques.

With all mediums supplied this is a great chance to come and experiment. Step by step demonstrations and tuition throughout.
Suitable for beginners to more advanced students. Written notes provided.

Contact: Julie – 0408 552 432 or Denise on 5786 1072 to enrol download and enrolment form here

Seeing the Light in Acrylics – Landscape, Seascapes, Streetscapes

Fay Boyd’s Fine Art School

Saturday, April 13th to Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 inclusive.

5 Day Immersive Workshop

Grafton High School

Fees for 2019 will be
$655.00 – Adult Full Fee
$630.00 – Seniors Card
$590.00 – Australian Pension Concession Card
$300.00 – School Student

Enrol here

This workshop won’t change your life, but it will teach you how to see and realistically reproduce the effects of light on the landscape using acrylics. Through a mix of formal teaching exercises, step by step demonstrations and guidance, Linda will teach you the fundamentals necessary to capture the light and create more realistic paintings using acrylics.

Focusing on landscapes, seascapes and streetscapes this workshop will show you how you can render any subject quickly and authentically in paint. Although our subject will be the landscape, this 5 day intensive program aims to give you the tools and confidence to tackle any subject in a realistic manner.

With an emphasis on the use of tone, line, perspective, colour mixing, brushwork and glazing this workshop is suitable for beginner painters through to those who recognise the need to consolidate their painting skills.

Linda uses a fun, easy to follow, step by step teaching method that is designed to teach you the skills necessary to paint. Written notes will be provided for the workshop.

Central Australian Painting Trip

Central Australian Plein Air Painting Trip – Mid June 2019 MacDonnell Ranges
Join Australian artist Linda MacAulay for a week of exploring and painting in the stunning MacDonnell Ranges in June 2019. Bring along your watercolours or acrylic paints and learn how to paint this wonderful country en plein air.

Visit Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm, Ormiston Gorge, Ellery Creek Big Hole, Glen Helen and Hermannsburg Mission.

The program will consist of 8 half days painting tuition on location with the rest of the day free to explore. Suitable for painters of any level experience in either watercolour or acrylics. Non painting partners are also welcome. Numbers will be strictly limited to keep the group small.

Accommodation will be cabin style and motel style with some meals included and options for self-catering. The first 5 days will be based at Ooraminna Station followed by 3 nights at Glen Helen. Participants can choose to do an optional extra trip to Uluru Kata/Juta National Park.

There is also a tag along option for this trip with participants responsible for organising and booking all their own travel, meals and accommodation. This option is suitable for those who wish to bring a camper trailer or a tent and will only involve the tuition fee.

Final costs and dates will be confirmed soon.

Please email me at lmacaulay64@gmail.com if you are interested in hearing more about this painting trip and I will keep you informed.

Testimonials from Students

Having watched Linda on Colour in Your Life, I was captivated by her techniques and use of colour and approached her for one-on-one training.

Over 3 days Linda’s wealth of knowledge and teaching skills has transformed my understanding of painting 100%. Her knowledge and practical skills are delivered in a generous warm manner accompanied with a great sense of humour.

Thanks to Linda, I am now looking forward to practicing the skills I’ve learnt and improving my painting far beyond my previous expectations.

Diana Taylor

Members of The Heathcote Artists have just attended a fabulous two day workshop in Heathcote with artist Linda MacAulay. The workshop was inspiring, fun and exhausting. Thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Over the weekend we learned texturising, glazing and other paint techniques to all produce a set picture. Linda’s easy going, fun style of teaching was infectious. The time flew by and by the end everyone was wishing there were more hours in the weekend! We will definitely be getting Linda back again.

Judy Hutchins

President, Heathcote Artists Inc

I can highly recommend Linda MacAulay as a wonderful acrylic tutor.

Linda has held several weekend workshops for the Anglesea Art House to show us her expertise in how to paint in acrylics. We all learnt much regarding acrylic painting mediums and where and how to use the varied products that art shops try to sell us.  How to create textures in our paintings, how to use the “crackle” medium, the use of gold under painting, how to paint beautiful blended skies, and much more.

She is a most competent instructor, very patient, very enthusiastic and works very hard to make sure all in the class get the most from the weekend.

Pat McKenzie

President, Anglesea Art House

Thank you so much for an inspiring weekend of learning.
I am very glad I attended, I had fun and learned much. I’ll put it into practice and my creations should benefit.
It was particularly nice to meet you, as I admired your work in the TV show ‘Colour in your life’ .
I hope to be able to attend another of your workshops in the future.
Elizabeth Goldberg

During 2016, I have attended a series of workshops offered by Linda Macaulay.

Linda would have to be one of the most generous and patient art teachers I have met.  She is only too willing to share her knowledge and takes great delight in her role as a teacher.  She leads her students to develop their knowledge of art with a particular focus on understanding the techniques of working with Acrylic paint.

Whilst the classes were often filled with mixed ability students and with varying degrees of art experience, she was always able to offer individual attention so each student progressed.

Her workshop preparation is outstanding and thorough. At the beginning of each workshop she outlines what she intends to cover. When the workshop is concluded, she spends time reviewing what was covered so consolidation may happen.  Course notes are presented and provided further reference outside of the workshop environment.

If you want to learn more about ‘Acrylic Painting Techniques’ and wish to do so in an informative, relaxed environment with one of the most knowledgeable and talented artists I have met, then these workshops are for you!

Linda has taken me beyond my experience as a watercolour and mixed media artist to a place where I am LOVING exploring and creating artworks with Acrylic paints.

Mary Anderson

Can’t find a date or workshop that suits?  Get your own group together and call Linda to organise a date that suits.

Other workshops Linda can run are listed below.

Individual tuition in watercolour or acrylic painting techniques – If you want to learn a specific technique or just fast track your learning experience call Linda to find out about a one on one class. This is the ideal way to build or consolidate your skills.
Available at reasonable rates.  (From $50 per hour at Linda’s Studio)

Watercolour card making workshop– Learn new techniques while making a set of beautiful watercolour cards. A fun pleasant way to spend the day even if you have never painted before.
Watercolour for absolute beginners, One Day workshop –  Covers basic techniques like wet on wet, tonal layering and brushwork. Learn about materials and everything you need to know to get you started in watercolour. Paint along with Linda’s easy to follow step by step instructions
Push the boundaries of watercolour – experiment with watercolour and mixed media. Throw it on, pour it on and really see what this amazing medium can create. This course is designed for those who want to loosen up and have some serious fun.

Acrylic Painting Techniques – Learn all about the different acrylic painting mediums and how to get a variety of effects that help you create beautiful acrylic paintings.

Introduction to Acrylic Painting One day workshop – Acrylic painting is all about the mediums.  This one day acrylic painting workshop is designed to get you started in acrylics and explores the different mediums and how they can be used to create a large variety of effects.  Learn about surface preparation, materials used, creating watercolour like effects and using impasto.
Art society and public art demonstrations
Linda is available for watercolour painting demonstrations. She is an informative and quick demonstrator with good communications skills and vast experience.
Linda has demonstrated watercolour in a variety of circumstances.
Art societies and clubs.
Expo and Exhibition openings
Shopping centres
Corporate events
Linda has also available to speak to artist groups about “The Business of Art”


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